IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF EMILY- An Article by Maddalena De Leo

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We know that from September 1838 to the end of March 1839 Emily was a teacher at Law Hill. Her early biographers however, seem to have disregarded that period of her life. Before them, also Charlotte and Ellen Nussey voluntarily avoided talking about those months in Emily’s life, without even mentioning the place where she was …

Rai Radio 2, Wuthering Heights and our dream

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Today we’d love to tell you about a very special experience we’ve recently lived. It involves Rai Radio 2, Wuthering Heights and our dream. It also involves our Brontë related book about the places in Emily Brontë’s novel. Are you tuned in?

“Literary Landscapes”at Penistone Hill- Our Walk To Top Withens

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This Summer, on our usual walk to Top Withens – one of the literary landscapes we love the most – we found some amazing sculptures half buried in the wild moors. They were huge books, scattered on the green grass as if they were meteorites just fallen from the sky. The view was extremely suggestive, and very much …

Emily’s Bicentenary in Haworth, July 28th-30th – An article by Maddalena De Leo

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As representative of the Brontë Society in Italy, it was a pleasure for me to take part in most of the events organized in Haworth for Emily Brontë’s bicentenary weekend. My arrival in the village was due on Saturday, July 28th, for this reason I couldn’t attend the presentation of the book I am Heathcliff, an …

Jane Eyre: a very special edition

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Our latest journey to Haworth was short but really intense. Amongst our favourite memories there is the happiness to come back to the Brontë Parsonage Museum, bringing with us something very special this time: our book about Emily and the places of Wuthering Heights. Can you imagine how fast our hearts were beating, knowing that …