Margaret Hartley and Martha Brown- A story

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We’ve already told you something about Margaret Hartley,  her connection to Martha Brown and her lovely shop in Haworth. But today we’d like to tell you more about it thanks to our friend and guide Johnnie Briggs, who collected some information for us some time ago. Here’s the story of Margaret Hartley and Martha Brown. 

Anne’s Last Letter- Treasures From The Brontë Parsonage Museum

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We are very proud to announce that this year The Sisters’ Room is collaborating with the Brontë Parsonage Museum. On the last Friday of each month we will publish special contents curated by the experts of the museum.  Let’s have a look at what’s inside the closets, drawers and cupboards at the Parsonage. You will find in …

Le sorelle Brontë: the graphic novel we were waiting for

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On Saturday 23 November at 6 P.M. we had the pleasure and honour to present Le sorelle Brontë, the brand new graphic novel by Manuela Santoni published by Beccogiallo, and entirely dedicated to our favourite sisters. We also wrote its afterword and in this article we’ll try to explain why we are so proud of this …

Margaret Hartley, her connection to Martha Brown and her lovely shop in Haworth

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During one of our latest journeys to Haworth we found out something we didn’t know and we met someone who is apparently very close to the Brontë family. Does the name Margaret Hartley say anything to you? What if we tell you that inside her shop in Haworth there is the original wooden counter which once …

Ma la vita è una battaglia- lettere di libertà e determinazione: review

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Ma la vita è una battaglia- lettere di libertà e determinazione (“But life is a battle- letters of freedom and determination“), is a selection of letters curated and translated by Laura Ganzetti (from Il tè tostato), and published by L’Orma editore. It’s a small book, wrapped into a classic letter envelop as the other books …