Emily Brontë- An Italian Biography by Paola Tonussi

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Emily Brontë by Paola Tonussi is an Italian biography full of poetry. Published by Salerno Editrice, the book is centered around the figure of Emily but it also provides valuable insights into her social and family background. Tonussi tells us about Emily’s life by masterfully linking together people, events, and authors, that inspired Emily’s own writing. …

The Madwoman Upstairs (I segreti del college)- review

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Thanks to the kind collaboration with Garzanti we’ve had the chance to read a very special novel recently. Why special? Because this story, set in old and lonely classrooms and towers at Oxford, tells about a mysterious Brontë inheritance… we just had to read it!

Charlotte Brontë Tre di Sei- the Italian Illustrated Biography by rueBallu

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Charlotte Brontë Tre di Sei is a precious, small volume published by the Italian publishing house rueBallu. Written by Michela Monferrini and illustrated by Vittoria Facchini, its kaleidoscopic cover carries us into the Brontë world, in a colourful swirl of imagination and reality. It’s an illustrated biography about Charlotte and her sibilings, that tells their …

Our Book, E sognai di Cime Tempestose- Curiosities and an excerpt

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Have you already heard about our book? It’s been recently published by Alcheringa Editore, and it’s about the places in England that Emily Brontë describes – between fiction and reality– in her only novel, Wuthering Heights. This book will lead you to those places that, according to tradition, inspired the creation of Wuthering Heights and Trushcross …

Jane Eyre: a very special edition

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Our latest journey to Haworth was short but really intense. Amongst our favourite memories there is the happiness to come back to the Brontë Parsonage Museum, bringing with us something very special this time: our book about Emily and the places of Wuthering Heights. Can you imagine how fast our hearts were beating, knowing that …