Anne Brontë: the errors on the gravestone and birth certificate

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In 2016 during one of our journeys to Haworth we headed north, reached lovely York and then went to Scarborough, in the footsteps of Anne Brontë. As a matter of fact, after spending some days in the village were the Brontë sisters lived, we left the wuthering heights behind us, took a train and headed towards …

Stone Gappe: in Charlotte Brontë’s footsteps

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On this very special day we would like to remember Charlotte Brontë by telling you about one of our journeys to Brontë Country which led us to a place strictly connected to her. Last year, in fact, we went on a walk to Lothersdale and learnt some interesting information about that village and Stone Gappe …

Margaret Hartley, her connection to Martha Brown and her lovely shop in Haworth

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During one of our latest journeys to Haworth we found out something we didn’t know and we met someone who is apparently very close to the Brontë family. Does the name Margaret Hartley say anything to you? What if we tell you that inside her shop in Haworth there is the original wooden counter which once …

The Hawthorn: Barraclough’s house in Haworth

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During our latest journey to Haworth we spotted a new place we had never seen before. It’s The Hawthorn, a very special gastropub. Why special? Well, beacuse of course it’s somehow related to the Brontës. Here’s why.

“Literary Landscapes”at Penistone Hill- Our Walk To Top Withens

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This Summer, on our usual walk to Top Withens – one of the literary landscapes we love the most – we found some amazing sculptures half buried in the wild moors. They were huge books, scattered on the green grass as if they were meteorites just fallen from the sky. The view was extremely suggestive, and very much …