Everyone is talking about it, everyone’s been waiting for it: Gilmore Girls- A Year in the Life will be released on Netflix today, 25 November!!!
But what is it? It’s a revival, a 4 episodes new season, a last one, and we have been waiting for it for years! The girls are back, as well as Stars Hollow’s magical atmosphere, and all the characters we loved the most of this American TV show by Amy Sherman-Palladino. Have you brushed up all the past episodes, so we can catch up again?

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Today we’d like to sum up all the Brontë references we found in this TV show we love so much: as you may recall, Rory Gilmore is a great reader, and happens to be very fond of Charlotte. It will surprise you to notice how many times we meet the Brontës during the episodes.

Let’s start with the first season, episode n. 8 (“Love and War and Snow”): Dean and Rory are talking about literature and Dean happens to have particularly enjoyed Emma by Jane Austen, even if he doesn’t wanto to confess it to Rory, who lent him the novel. Also, Rory baked biscuits for him, and he asks her how can he say thank you properly: Rory answers “How about a little Charlotte Brontë?”

                                                 Screenshot from our Netflix account

Let’s skip to the fourth season, episode n. 10 (“The Nanny and the Professor”): Lorelay spends the night at Jason’s, who shows her the guestroom: very well furnished and comfortable, and full of books as well: “Ranging from the classics- Wuthering Heights– to the real classics –Valley of the Dolls.”

Changing season again, let’s go to the fifth one, episode 4 (“Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too”): here there is a scene in which Rory is on the phone. You can see a poster behind her, with a portait of Charlotte.

                                                      Screenshot from our Netflix account

And still, in fifth season, episode 14 (“We Got Us a Pippi Virgin”), Rory and and her friend Paris are at college, talking about guys and love problems. They need some advice, so they invite to their table Janet and Althea, two girls they never hang out with because they are superficial and very different from them. When Rory tells parys not to call them because they are not friends with them, Paris answers “Granted, they know nothing of Ukrainian politics or the periodic table, but when it comes to boys, they’re brighter than the Brontës.”

And finally, let’s go to the sixth season, episode 7 (“Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number”): it’s Rory’s 21st birthday and everyone is excited and very emotional. In this scene, Sookie and Lorelai are talking, and Sookie remembers: “I can’t believe Rory’s turning twenty-one. It seems like just yesterday she was crying because you told her Charlotte Bronte couldn’t come to her sleepover, because she’s dead.”

Quite a lot of Brontë references, don’t you think so? And who knows what the new season will bring to us! From a pic you can find online, it seems that there is a scene in which Rory, grown up and a teacher by now, is in her classroom, and on the blackboard behind her there are quotes from Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë! Well, to find out if that’s true we’ll have to wait for the new episodes; we can’t wait to be back in Stars Hollow, what about you?


Pic from Glamour.com

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