Last May, in occasion of Il Maggio dei Libri (a special occurrence to promote books and reading), we had the chance to organize a very special event dedicated to the Brontё family at Tra Le Righe, a cosy, lovely bookstore in Rome. The owners of this place were absolutely kind, welcoming and encouraging- trusting our deep literary passion they made everything availabe to realize this project, which was so important to us. Of course, in order to offer a well prepared and professional presentation, we needed to collect as much material as possible, and that’s why at the end of April, we caught a plane and came back to Haworth for the second time.

We were particularly glad and proud to enrich our meeting with the participation via Skype of Professor Maddalena De Leo, the Italian representative of the Brontё Society. Very passionate and extremely expert, she was really kind, active and helpful, and wanted to be a part of this event by sending us an interesting article, reading the poem Life by Charlotte Brontё, and showing us some of her Brontё treasures from her personal collection. So, despite an unsteady internet connection, the audience really appreciated the professional contribution of Professor De Leo, and Charlotte’s poem was just the first contribution. In fact, from that moment on everyone chose something to read out loud. During the reading there was great partecipation, and the following debate was involving and, with our great satisfaction, went on and on even further the closing time.