Just as promised, here’s another surprise for you readers!
Many of you often say that you’re so curious about the Brontës,  and you can’t wait to go and visit the places where they lived. Well in the meantime, welcome to our room again, and enjoy our new section inside the blog- once a month we’ll bring you with us on a virtual tour inside the Brontë Parsonage Museum. Walk with us inside the very rooms where our favourite sisters used to spend their time, look at the pictures and imagine them just there! Are you ready? Come on, let’s go!!!

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As you walk through the main entrance inside the Parsonage the first thing you see is the elegant staircase in front of you. The entrance hall we can see today is smaller thanwaterproof scale it was back then, as Charlotte widened the dining room at the expense of the hall in 1850.

Ellen Nussey, Charlotte’s close schoolfriend, in 1871 wrote that when she first saw the Parsonage in 1833,

“The hall floor and stairs were done with sand-stone, always beautifully clean, as was everything about the house”, and described the walls as being, “not papered, but stained in a pretty dove-coloured tint”.

The first room on the right is Patrick Brontë’s study– the Reverend used this room as his study, and used to carry out most of his parish business from here.

On the left you can see the piano Emily used to play.


On the walls there were three popular engravings of biblical scenes by John Martin (‘The Deluge’, ‘Belshazzar’s Feast’ and ‘Joshua Commanding the Sun’).


It was actually in this very room that the Reverend Brontë found out Charlotte had written and successfully published her first novel: Jane Eyre.