Natura e Religione is an essay written by Simona Scarfogliero, a young and enterprising writer from Naples, who decided to publish her degree thesis and make it available for all Brontë-lovers.IMG_6171 (1).JPG

The essay is divided into three different chapters which lead the reader from general to specific. In the first chapter, Simona introduces an overview of the women’s situation in the Victorian era, with special attention towards those women who dared to challenge social conventions and work as writers; the second chapter is about Emily Brontë, her family and her life; in the third chapter, Simona analyses Emily Brontë’s poetics through her works revealing the origins of Emily’s inspiration.

Simona Scarfogliero’s book is a very pleasant reading, and an opportunity to become more familiar with the poetess Emily Brontë – not as well-known as the novelist. Even though the essay is quite specific in the last part, it gives in the first two chapters all the information necessary to understand Emily Brontë’s work clearly, wheter the readers are Brontë enthusiasts or not. We’ll soon post an interview with the author.