Charlotte Brontë Tre di Sei is a precious, small volume published by the Italian publishing house rueBallu. Written by Michela Monferrini and illustrated by Vittoria Facchini, its kaleidoscopic cover carries us into the Brontë world, in a colourful swirl of imagination and reality.

It’s an illustrated biography about Charlotte and her sibilings, that tells their story in a simple but graceful way. Witness of the life at the Parsonage is Tabitha, chosen by Monferrini as a narrator. The biography is centred on Charlotte’s childhood, on the events, the readings and the games, that contributed to her formation as a writer, until her first novel Jane Eyre was published.

There’s something magical about the world created by Vittoria Facchini (winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2006 as best illustrator of the year), whose symbolical drawings give life to the many poetic images in the text. One of our favourites is the picture of the Brontë sibilings burning love letters in the chimney, so that their mother who left them too early could read them.

Charlotte Brontë Tre di Sei is a book that makes you feel deep emotions in a very simple way, and it efficiently summarizes the most important stages of Charlotte’s formation, adding a touch of poetry to her life. We really enjoyed reading this book, designed with attention to every detail, and we marked its cotton fiber paper pages with the amazing bookmars illustrated by Facchini and sent by the publishing house. This is such a pleasant book to be read and admired!


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