Diary Paper- Treasures from the Brontë Parsonage Museum

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We are very proud to announce that this year The Sisters’ Room is collaborating with the Brontë Parsonage Museum. On the last Friday of each month we will publish special contents curated by the experts of the museum.  Let’s have a look at what’s inside the closets, drawers and cupboards at the Parsonage. You will find in this new category some of the objects that …

The Madwoman Upstairs (I segreti del college)- review

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Thanks to the kind collaboration with Garzanti we’ve had the chance to read a very special novel recently. Why special? Because this story, set in old and lonely classrooms and towers at Oxford, tells about a mysterious Brontë inheritance… we just had to read it!

Brontë Curiosities: legends from Haworth- An Article by Maddalena De Leo

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Let’s have a look at the many local legends told by Tabby to the young Brontës in stormy, winter nights. One of those that captured their imagination was about the Gytrash, a legendary black dog well-known in northern England. It was said that this animal would appear in the form of a horse, a donkey …

Lynn Setterington: Sew near – Sew far, An Article by Elena Lago

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Lynn Setterington can be defined as a “texile artist”. Many of her artworks are shown in the most important British galleries, like the Victorian  & Albert Museum. Born in Yorkshire, she started to practice Kantha embroidery in the Nineties, a peculiar kind of stitching used in Bengal to recover unused saris. Setterington had the chance …

Charlotte Brontë Tre di Sei- the Italian Illustrated Biography by rueBallu

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Charlotte Brontë Tre di Sei is a precious, small volume published by the Italian publishing house rueBallu. Written by Michela Monferrini and illustrated by Vittoria Facchini, its kaleidoscopic cover carries us into the Brontë world, in a colourful swirl of imagination and reality. It’s an illustrated biography about Charlotte and her sibilings, that tells their …