Margaret Hartley and Martha Brown- A story

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We’ve already told you something about Margaret Hartley,  her connection to Martha Brown and her lovely shop in Haworth. But today we’d like to tell you more about it thanks to our friend and guide Johnnie Briggs, who collected some information for us some time ago. Here’s the story of Margaret Hartley and Martha Brown. 

Ghosts and Brontë Curiosities- An Article by Maddalena De Leo

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Would you like to know about the ghosts that used to wander around Haworth at the time of the Brontës? They were very well-known between the eighteenth and the nineteenth century, and Tabby loved to tell about their apparitions in several buildings at the village. It seems that at Old Hall – in the South of …

Charlotte Brontë and Charles Dickens in London

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When you love literature, and you find yourself strolling around the streets of London at Christmas, you can’t avoid ending up in 48 Doughty Street where Charles Dickens, “the man who invented Christmas”, lived. It was a literary stop of our latest trip to London, but you may be wondering why you’re reading this on a …

Anne’s Last Letter- Treasures From The Brontë Parsonage Museum

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We are very proud to announce that this year The Sisters’ Room is collaborating with the Brontë Parsonage Museum. On the last Friday of each month we will publish special contents curated by the experts of the museum.  Let’s have a look at what’s inside the closets, drawers and cupboards at the Parsonage. You will find in …

Anne Brontë: must-read books to know her better

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Anne Brontë was born today in 1820. That’s why we’d like to suggest you some books to read in order to know her better.