In a year rich of Brontë events meant to celebrate Charlotte’s bicentenary, also The Sisters’ Room wanted to organize something special. On April 21st _ as you probably already know – we were in Naples (click here to find out more about it), but one week later, on April 28th we organized the only event in Rome dedicated to this great Yorkshire authoress.

As always, the lovely bookshop Tra Le Righe hosted the event, and we were thrilled because for the first time since our adventure started, guests from the publishing world were ready to share their experiences with Charlotte’s works: Fazi Editore, L’orma Editore and The Brontë Society in Italy – connected via Skype – told us about their encounter with Charlotte.

Gloria Di Francesco (Sales Manager), Francesco Fazi and Cristina Valotta (Marketing and Communication Managers), and Sabrina Terziani (translator of the new edition of Shirley that will be published in June), were there in representation of Fazi Editore; the editor Lorenzo Flabbi and Laura Ganzetti (curator of a collection of letters by Charlotte Brontë entitled “Ma la vita è una battaglia: lettere di libertà e determinazione”, also to be published in June) were there in representation of L’Orma Editore.  13087627_880925288719434_7509092457317000242_n

The question we asked to our guests was: “What was your “encounter” with Charlotte Brontë like?”, and the participation was extremely engaging: professor De Leo told us about her first approaches to the works when, still a young girl, she decided to learn English in order to be able to read the novels of the Brontë sisters in the original language, discovering a passion that she still has today; Mrs Ganzetti (L’orma Editore) told us about how exciting was for her to learn more on this authoress through her letters, which express even more than the novels’ characters her strength and awareness as an authoress and, in her private life, as a woman; Sabina Terziani’s speech (Fazi Editore), focused on the linguistic point of view and opened a window onto the fascinating world of translators, revealing some useful tricks that could be helpful to renew the translations of classics, while still maintaining the elegance and the contextualization.

The audience was attentive and we got an extremely positive feedback; the meeting ended enjoying a delightful relaxing atmosphere, an excellent cocktail and appetizers. It was such a nice occasion to pay a special tribute to our beloved authoress, and we will surely remember with great pleasure this bicentenary, celebrated together with wonderful friends, enthusiastic guests, and an audience that is always great!