Well, there are plenty of celebrations, in Italy as well as in the rest of the world, for Emily Brontë’s bicentenary. Lots of events at the Brontë Parsonage Museum, meetings in the bookstores, and a great number of new book releases entirely dedicated to the author of one of the most controversial, still loved, novels ever. Today we’d love to tell you about the new edition of Wuthering Heights, published by Bompiani Editore.

A new Wuthering Heights edition published by Bompiani

Cime Tempestose, Bompiani

This new edition has got a very elegant, purple and gold, hard cover, with small and geometric patterns on it. It’s a 2018 first edition by Giunti and Bompiani, and it’s organized like this: you can find the novel iCime Tempestose, Bompianin it, translated into Italian by Marta Barone; Emily’s biography and a very interesting chronology, both by Giulia Caminito, in which you can read about the main events going on worldwide during Emily Brontë’s life.

The book is obviously translated into Italian, but this is a brand new translation and on the cover you can read also the actual title of the novel below the Italian translation Cime Tempestose. As a matter of fact, you can read Cime Tempestose [Wuthering Heights]. The name of the house too was kept in English in the text, so there is no translation of the name of the main house in the book.

Reading Emily’s novel in this very special year is an amazing experience, and if you love this writer you’ll certainly want this new edition of the novel on your bookshelf. We brought our copy with us back to Brontë Country last June, and it was just perfect: the purple of the cover on the windy moors was of the same shade the heather is before blooming- a flower amongst flowers.


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